I have been interested in design and art since early age.

This is the tribute page to different tutors I have had in my studies of art.


Im living on my yacht Unicorn since 6 years, and doing blue water sailing.

I have time to study and explore the different cultures in every new country I will sail to.



Maison des Arts, International art school and gallery, France    2001


I was combining work and pleasure on Cte-dazur, France and took a vacation to do a painting holiday.

Arriving to the most idyllic French village, Colle-sur-Loup and stay in a beautiful house, to meet new friends gave my soul sanctuary when I needed it most.

Mitch Waite introduced me to many different ways of painting. Using oils, watercolours, acrylics and charcoal to draw living models. What a challenge to start with.

In a short time I learnt many different ways of painting and also explored the Provencal cuisine.

Mitch gave me a taste of good life, and he is an amazing artist and teacher. 





Art college,  Gothenburg, Sweden    2002-2003    

At Art College I studied fine arts.

The classic education to learn about the volume of the body, movement and proportions. Draw living models, plaster figure and studies of colour theory. It all takes time and devotion to learn. My two tutors guided me professionally in all disciplines.

Kai Rennes;  helped me understand the world of colours, composition and proportions.

Anne Lagergren;  made me draw living models and conker clay and plaster, always with time pressure, fast.



Martis sanat Merkezi, Marmaris, Turkey     2007-2008


I could not start to paint oils because we lived on a yacht and were sailing to Turkey. But the stay in Turkey during winter brought me in contact with yet another magic artist. Aziz opened another chapter in my life and let me share his studio to paint portraits. He became my tutor and shared his warm and friendly Turkish soul. And if you ever read this, you helped me to open the world of Turkish art traditions and gave me the confidence to take up painting full-time. Im forever grateful for letting me discover the art of portraits and learning to understand a bit of Turkish. I was truly living my dream, Thank you.